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Edit Canon 800D/T7i MP4 in Premiere Pro

Want to edit Canon 800D/T7i MP4 in Premiere Pro? This article will guide you to get the work done.
Two years is a long time in camera world, but that's how long it's been since Canon announced our then favourite beginner DSLR – the 750D. The 800D is an entry-level camera, which is now capable of shooting 1080p at 60 frames per second (up from a measly 30fps on the 750D) and shoots in HDR too. Canon camcorder owners typically want the ability to edit, adjust and add special effects to their videos, however, it is a bit frustrating that Canon EOS 800D/Rebel T7i recorded MP4 files are not well supported by Adobe Premiere Pro, as you may encounter many audio and video problems, like import it slowly, and couldn't edit videos smoothly or even the Canon T7i cam can't be recognized.

So how to import Canon T7i video into Adobe Premiere Pro for editing without crashing problem and rendering?
According to the tech support online, I know Canon T7i records MP4 videos, …