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How do I watch DVD via Nvidia Shield TV 2017?

Have a lot of movies on DVD disc and wish to stream the DVD movies via Nvidia Shield TV 2017 to your large screen TV, the following article will show you a full workaround to achieve that.
Nvidia Shield Android TV streaming media player in 2017 offers all the necessary applications, including Amazon video, many including 4K and HDR. It is a versatile gaming platform that improves the controller. Speech search and interactivity from the controller or remote control is very good. For those who like local media to play, you may want to know the possibility of streaming DVD movies through the Nvidia Shield TV 2017. If you are confused, please read the details.

How to Play local video on Nvidia Shield TV 2017 It won't be difficult for you to streaming online video on Nvidia Shield Pro, however, it is not easy to stream local video from your PC to TV via Nvidia Shield TV 2017. The good news is that the Nvidia Shield TV 2017 comes with a lot of video app pre-installed which as…